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Work Smart Not Hard 
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  •  Build self - confidence based on personal qualities 
  •  Overcome personal limitations 
  •  Rich goals fast 
  •  Develop a 'Money & Time Saving Formula' for personal and business success
Work Smart Not Hard
work smart not hard
About The Author 
Businesswoman | Author | Entrepreneur 
  • 23 years in business 
  • 8 – Figure of Personal Sales 
  • ​5 Prestigious British Business Awards 
  • ​3 Books 
  • ​260 Publications in British media
  • Hundreds of Radio and TV Interviews
  • Thousands of People Trained Across the World
  • ​​Featured in FSB 100 Women Role Models in British Business Campaign
  • ​The face of  British Media Campaign ‘You Are Not Alone’
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